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Flutter, the new dimension for cross-platform development

Flutter, the new dimension for cross-platform development

In this current scenario, mobile app development is one of the trending sectors. When it comes to app development, there are several cross-platform frameworks. This includes Cordova, Intel XDK, Xamarin, Flutter, and a lot more.

Though there are many cross-platform frameworks, in this blog, we are going to explain Flutter.

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Flutter- What It Is?

It is a reactive and modern cross-platform framework, developed by Google. This framework is used for developing mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android. With this framework, the app developers can develop powerful apps with innate user interface and easy accessibility on a mobile platform.

The emergence of Flutter has made the development of mobile apps easier. As a result, Sigosoft is the best mobile app development company in  UK, London is looking forward to hiring loyal and dedicated developers who use Flutter. It’s because this results in the reduction of the cost associated with the native app development.

Why Choose Flutter Cross-Platform Framework?


  1. Debugging Tools

Tools such as Dart Observatory, Dart Analyzer, and Debug Mode Assertions with Flutter can quicken mobile app development. When it comes to debugging tools, there is one amazing tool with which you can see the real-time updates after the UI update – hot reload.

Along with this, Flutter also supports the plug-in called IntelliJ. This tool can offer debugging, autofill, and other related functions.

Moreover, the debug painting tool helps the app developers to visualize the padding and appearance of the widget. Not only this but also has a toggle platform tool with which the mobile application developers can see how UI of Android OS and iOS differ.

With all these tools, Flutter achieves quality and uniformity without effecting fluidity or speed.

  1. Perfect Documentation

When it comes to implementing a new framework, most of the software developers might face difficulties. However, flutter enables you to be multi-lingual devoid of even trying. The documentation of this framework is great and simple.

  1. Widget Implementation

With Flutter, the developers get the opportunity to create several appealing applications with a range of functional and stimulating widgets. As compared to the usual native app development consisting of linking features and bridges, flutter controls every pixel. This, in turn, offer a range of options for UI customization, resulting in effective and custom-made mobile apps.

  1. Productive

With this cross-platform framework, all the resources can be managed. It’s because it allows you to use the same codebase for Android, as well as iOS.

Moreover, flutter had stated on their official website that the app developers can use the same language used for developing an enormous portion of flutter.

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter has several advantages, which makes it work better as compared to other frameworks. Some of them are:

  1. Reduction in Code Development Time

The “hot reload” feature of Flutter helps the developers in seeing the changes applied. In fact, it allows to see the changes instantly without affecting the current state of the application. Thus, app development with Flutter becomes faster.

Additionally, this framework has several ready-to-use widgets in which some are amazing and can save their precious time. Flutter also offers a range of Cupertino and Material widgets, which mimic the behaviour of the design language.

  1. Similar Performance like Native App

The performance of the application is very important for a better UX. Flutter application performs better in most of the cases and is indistinguishable from the native app. Moreover, it performs better even in difficult animation scenarios of UI.

  1. Same Business Logic and User Interface in All the Platforms

In our experience, there are no application frameworks, which allows sharing the UI codes except flutter. Moreover, this framework doesn’t require any platform-centric components of the user interface to render its UI.


Flutter is one of the quickest ways to develop a productive and amazing cross-platform mobile application. As a mobile app development company in UK, London, we believe that the pluses of flutter can make it an ultimate and perfect cross-platform UI framework.

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