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Top Features in iOS 14 every iOS Developer Should Know

Apple updates the version of iPhone continuously as per the latest marketing trends. iOS 14 is one of the biggest updates of Apple when it comes to iOS. This version of iOS update launched with several amazing features.

Mobile app development companies are searching a lot to know about the features of iOS 14. As we are the top iOS App Development Company in UK, London, we have researched a lot about the features. Some of the most amazing features of iOS 14 are:

1. App Library

Home screen

In iOS 14, app library is at the end of the home screen pages. This can arrange the apps in a way with which you can navigate easily.


A search option is present at the top of the app library. With this, you can find your preferred apps in your iOS 14. Moreover, when you touch the search option, it will automatically display the apps in alphabetical order. This will help you to scroll and find the app that you need.


In the latest iOS 14 version, the app library suggests a varied list of apps that you may be searching depending on the location, time, or activity.

Latest Addition

Recently iOS 14 version launched “App Clips”. With this, you can see the apps that you’ve downloaded from the app store in the app library. This will help you in finding the apps easily.

Hiding Pages of Home Screen

If you want, you can hide the pages of the home screen. This will simplify the home screen so that you can access the app library easily.

2. Search
In-app Search

You can start the search in certain apps such as Files, Mail, and Messages.

Hit Results

You can find the relevant results at the top, which helps you easily find the apps that you require. This includes apps, websites, contacts, and a lot more.

Web Search

Web search is one of the easiest things than most of the other things. In this latest version, just type and find out the most relevant websites or choose anyone from the suggestions. Thus, you can launch Safari easily for web search.

Launch Websites and Apps Quickly

You can launch the websites and apps quickly by just typing a few and necessary characters.

3. Widgets
Varied Widgets

iOS 14 version has widgets for almost all the things. This includes calendar, weather, photos, stocks, files, Siri suggestions, news, fitness, news, batteries, reminders, shortcuts, podcasts, clock, screen time, notes, tips, maps, app suggestions, and music.

New Designs

Widgets have come up in new and appealing designs and more data. Thus, it offers more utility for the entire day.


All the widgets are now accessible in small, medium, as well as large sizes. Thus, you can choose the information density as per your requirements.


This is the destination for all the widgets that you have downloaded directly from Apple, as well as third parties. In this gallery, you can see a list of top widgets depending on the things that are installed and used more by the users.

Place Widgets on the Home Screen

If you want, you can place the widgets anywhere on your iPhone’s home screen.


It supports creating stacks of up to ten widgets. Thus, if you need, you can create it.

Siri Suggestions

This widget makes use of on-device intelligence to show the activities that you may do based on your pattern of usage.

Developer API

If required, the developers can create widgets with the help of a new API.

4. Memoji


New memoji stickers are included in this version such as a first bump, hug, and blush.


This updated version allows you to customize the memoji with certain hairstyles such as a top knot, simple side part, and man bun.


The structure of muscle and facial makes memoji stickers more expressive.

Face Coverings

You can add new face-coverings along with colour to your memoji.

Headwear Styles

You can showcase your profession or hobby with headwear styles such as nurse cap, swim cap, and cyclist helmet.

Age Options

Six new-age options are added in this version with which you can customize your looks.

5. Compact UI
FaceTime Calls

The appearance of FaceTime calls is like a banner rather than using the whole screen. If you want to access its features and answer, then swipe down and to dismiss the call, swipe up.

Phone Calls

Similarly like FaceTime calls, these calls also appear like a banner and does not use the whole screen. Thus, you will not lose the current task that you were doing. Swipe down to answer the call and swipe up to dismiss it.

Compact Search

You can search, find, and launch apps, files, and information about maps and weather. Along with this, you can do a web search.

3rd Party VoIP Calls

Developer API is accessible with which certain apps become compatible with compact incoming calls. For example, Skype.

Resize Picture

If you require, you have the option to resize the picture in the picture window itself.

Compact Siri

Siri comes with an all-new compact design with which you can check out the information on the screen and easily move on to another task.

Minimize Picture

If you want you can minimalize the video window. For this, you just have to move it offscreen. Thus, you can listen to the audio and access any other app at the same time.

Picture in Picture

In iOS 14 version, you can use any app when you are on a FaceTime call or watching any video.
Move “Picture in Picture” to Any Corner

You can move the video window to any corner of the home screen. To do this, just drag the video.

6. Translation

Text Translation

You do not have to download separate keyboards for text translation as it has keyboards for all the languages.

Conversation Mode

Conversation can be done easily by designing with translation. Keep your phone in a landscape mode and show the text from both sides of the conversation. Tap the microphone button, say something, and the automatic language detection translates the things that you speak.


You can see the definition of the word that you say after the translation gets completed.

Attention Mode
You can enlarge the text that you have translated in the landscape mode to read the text easily.
Voice Translation

It has advanced on-device intelligence with which you can translate the voice to any language. You can even translate the downloaded languages using voice in offline mode.

On-device Mode

You can use all the features of the app for downloaded languages. Moreover, it allows you to keep the translation private without disconnecting your internet connection.


This version allows you to save all your translations in the “Favourites” tab for easy future reference.


English, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, German, and Russian.

Along with this, there are several other features as well. This includes:

o Messages
o Maps
o Siri
o Home
o Safari
o AirPods
o Car Keys
o App Clips
o CarPlay
o Privacy
o Apple Arcade
o Camera
o App Store
o Augmented Reality
o Health
o FaceTime

In this blog, we covered almost all the top features of iOS 14 and thus, we believe that now you are well-versed about the features of the latest version iOS.

Apart from this, if you have any doubt or need any clarification in any of the features, kindly let us know. We the Top mobile app development company in UK, London are ready to help you anytime.

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