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Key Features of B2B Mobile Applications

The current Business to Business vertical is on the rise and more importantly, the way in which traders look at the business has also changed. Today, small to medium and medium to large organizations understand the significance of having B2B and B2C as independent plans of action which were once followed exclusively by e-commerce business goliaths like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.


Business-to-business companies have their own classifications because they serve a market of for-profit and non-profit organizations, rather than individual consumers. Wholesale websites and resellers are just two categories under B2B. many B2B companies sell services rather than physical goods.


Running a B2B eCommerce plan is much more complex than B2C eCommerce. Because B2B eCommerce consumers demand additional functionality and personalization than B2C eCommerce.


Here are the 7 key features of the B2B mobile application


Promotional Features

If your business holds special events, such as training, seminars, symposiums, or promotions, a mobile app cannot be valuable by allowing you to showcase key information and promotions, track employees and post comments or updates.



Allows clients to sign up for your mailing list to get exclusive updates, news, special offers, or notifications. By becoming a key worker in your industry through sharing valuable content, you will develop trust and reputation which translate into sales.


Appointments and/or Consultations

Your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can schedule appointments or consultations. Your sales team can use this feature to schedule appointments with clients, helping to get more business.


Push Notifications

Send messages directly to your clients’ phones. Push notifications can use geofencing marketing techniques to find business clients based on their location.



Build your own marketplace or link with your current online store. Customize your products and descriptions, accept payments in-app, and add an option for pick-up or online delivery, if your product is digital.


Loyalty Programs

Even a B2B can gain profit from creating a loyalty program rewarding clients with incentives, coupons, or promotional offers.


CMR System

Easily connect with CMR system, manage and contact clients. View your app’s users-data and their locations. Easily get the information of all orders or see how users interact with your app.

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