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Do You Need a Privacy Policy for Your Android or iOS App?

Privacy Policy


Yes, you definitely need one. With the legitimate encompassing web security in close consistent transition, there is a good chance that a law, guideline, affiliate, or platform requires that your mobile application includes such an approach. If you don’t have a privacy policy, your application may be eliminated from the App Store or Google Play

A mobile application privacy policy is a legal explanation.  It reveals how a party gathers, stores, and uses the personal information it collects from app users. Personal information refers to whatever can be used to recognize an individual. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, device IDs, and locations.

Organizations and mobile application developers use these privacy policies to remain consistent with government laws. They fulfill the legal requirement to protect user privacy while likewise protecting the actual organization from legal challenges.


Your App Collects Personal Data


If your mobile application gathers, stores use, or deliveries the personal data of your users then you are legally necessary to have an applicable privacy policy. User data should be disclosed in the methods you handle.

This includes any cookies or other following technologies you use that may gather personal data like location, login data, and buying habits.


Your App Uses a Third Party Communication


If you employ a third-party service provider that gathers user data, you are needed to include one–even of whether your application doesn’t gather the actual information. You are liable for disclosing what and how user information is gathered and used on your application.

There are various third-party service providers that may require that privacy policies be set on your mobile applications, like Google Analytics, Google Maps, and Facebook Graph API.

Furthermore, third-party services often use cookies that gather and store personal information. It is your responsibility to know and understand whether they do and if they do, you should include a suitable application privacy policy.


The Platform or App Store Requires One


Numerous application stores, similar to Google’s Play for Android and Apple’s App Store for iOS, require application developers to have these privacy policies set up on their applications before they can be approved for sales. Developers who neglect to include these privacy policies can face having their applications suspended or removed from an application store.


General Requirements for Mobile App Privacy Policies


Privacy policies are essential for applications that collect personal data. Personal information can include a wide range of data including first names, last names, email addresses, phone numbers, location information, and other personally identifiable information. A mobile application that gathers this sort of information should give an easily understandable, readable, and readily accessible privacy document.

These application privacy policies should contain some specific components, including the following:



Who is collecting the data just as the organization’s contact details.


Types of Data

What classifications of personal data the application will collect and measure.



Why data processing is vital and for what exact reason the collection is being performed



Regardless of whether the information being referred to will be disclosed to third parties


User Rights

What rights users have including the privilege to the withdrawal of consent and the deletion of information.

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