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Cognitive Technology; a deep dive into innovation

We have now entered the third era of computing — the cognitive era — and it will again fundamentally change the way humans work with machines. This new type of technology allows people to interact with computers using natural language. In […]

Impact of IOT in Mobile APP

We know that, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices, digital machines, and objects which utilize software, sensors and other forms of connectivity for the sharing of information. IoT solutions are found in healthcare, agriculture, retail, vehicles […]

SAO : A Network Scenario

The Service Oriented Architecture is an architectural design which includes collection of services in a network which communicate with each other. The services in SOA use protocols that describe how they pass and parse messages using description metadata. The complication of […]

A Guide to AI Image Recognition

Why image recognition important? About 80 percent of the content on the internet is visual. You can already start working out why image tagging might hold its place as king of the content table. Whether it’s individuals or companies, AI image […]